3D Modeling

Various models and concepts I've developed recently.

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Concept Art

Check out some of my concept art and art pieces.

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View various materials that I've developed.

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Elevated Street Racing

Skylane is a flying-car street-racing sim. I've been solo-developing this VR project for the last few years.

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Ricks Toilet

Mobile/PC VR Experience

This is a fan project inspired by iconic TV show "Rick and Morty". Players can experience the peacefulness of taking a poo while on a majestic alien planet.

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Shader-Based Transitional Scenescapes (VR)

I developed a way to overlay high-resolution, 360 degree, stereoscopic renderings of any environment in Unreal Engine 4 or Unity. I then add shader attributes to give the illusion that objects and textures are actually off in the distance of the scene.
(Download Ricks Toilet for a "realworld" example)

Cyber City

Cloud Cities

Ricks Toilet

Lower District


Evan Stimpson | (208)871-9190

Resume (2/2020)

email: evanstimpson@soulcomstudios.com